City Limbo for Cigarettes~都市辺獄のたばこ~

Cities are clean and tidy at first glance. 
However, when I looked into the side gutters nearby, I realized that there was another cluttered world. It was a boundary between the surface layer and the deep layer of the city, It is Limbo.
I was interested in contrasting the clean urban surface layer and the cluttered gutter world and started shooting with a smartphone which is one of the symbol of urban city life.
Smart phones made it possible to approach the world that can not be entered and could approach the hidden side of the city. I was interested in the cigarette butts of cigarettes while peering into the world. Some cigarette butts are thrown away from the city. Groove is also one of them.
A person buries a cigarette in a side gutter. And as forgotten as nothing. But the cigarette is certainly there, some things are left in place, some things flow to another place, some things play by green. There is the beauty of the hidden world.
I see the world  using smartphone (= urban eye) for the world ( = Limbo).

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